Delfina provides facilities for the production, presentation and mediation of new work by international contemporary artists. The Delfina Studio was established in 1988 as a registered charity with the aim of providing high quality studio space and related facilities for visual artists. Housed in a renovated factory in the Bankside area of central London, Delfina provides 28 studios in total with twelve places for ‘resident’ artists. Residents are awarded a studio and all related facilities free of charge – international residents are also provided with accommodation on the same basis.

Delfina is governed by a board of trustees, lead by founders Delfina and Digby. The studios have grown as a result of the Trustees’ personal and financial commitment to the development of the visual arts in London. Delfina is the largest international residency programme in the UK, and provides many artists with a unique opportunity to live and work in London.

Collaborating often with major institutions, Delfina is able to provide the kind of short term working space and accommodation necessary for international artists to complete or develop new projects in the city. Delfina will be collaborating with Pepinieres International programme during the summer 2002, offering two international artists a 3 months residency.

The restaurant and events business incorporated into the ground floor of the building is designed as a funding provider for Delfina’s arts related activities, but doubles as a vibrant café for the artists. Situated within the restaurant is the ‘artists’ table’ which provides a subsidised lunch and meeting place for studio artists.