Exhibitions & Talks

The Delfina Studio Trust was established in 1988, and for the first ten years organised an annual exhibition by resident artists. Coinciding with the move to Bermondsey Street in 1997 David Gilmour was invited to curate a series of shows, working not just with Delfina residents but with other UK and overseas artists. The exhibitions were mainly dedicated to medium scale, solo projects with an emphasis on site specific works and installation by both British and international artists.

From May 2000 the shows were held in the “Project Space” which opened at the same time as its close neighbour, Tate Modern. The whole series of twenty two shows attracted considerable critical acclaim and support and helped to raise the profile of Delfina at home and abroad.

In October 2001 the Project Space was taken back for redevelopment. There are no immediate plans for a new exhibition programme, but artist talks will continue and details of any future shows will be announced here.

Some of the artists that have shown at Delfina include:
Wim Delvoye, Eric Bainbridge, Pia Stadtbaumer, Martin Creed / Ceal Floyer / John Frankland, Anya Gallaccio, Manuel Ocampo, Mark Wallinger, Elizabeth Wright, Keith Tyson, Susan Hiller, Ellen Cantor, Michel Majerus, Steve McQueen, Urs Fischer / Amy Adler, Jaki Irvine, Salla Tykka, Anri Sala, Kendell Geers and Martin Maloney.